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    Airmatic Lowering Suspension Links for Audi

    Airmatic Lowering Suspension Links for Audi

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    Lowering Links for Vehicle with Airmatic Suspension

    Lowering is accomplished by altering the lengths of the Ride Height Sensors Arms. Our kits are made from Billet Aluminum and are FULLY ADJUSTABLE so you can set your vehicle to be as low as you like. The Kits take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to install. The vehicle can be returned back to stock just as quick without any detection of being modified.

    Please specify which model and year of vehicle on your order. List below.

    Audi A8 & S8 2004 - 2009
    Audi Q7 2007 - 2009

    On most vehicles there is a Ride Height Sensor on all four Control Arms. Some only have three, two in the front one for the rear. It pivots. One side is connected to the Frame and the other a Control Arm. To see what they look like on most vehicles is easy. Put the vehicle to the highest setting and look straight into the wheel well on top of the front tire. May need a flashlight. In the rear you have to look from underneath. They move with the suspension and tell the computer what height the vehicle should be sitting at.

    Our kit replaces the stock sensor arms to Billet Aluminum Fully Adjustable Links. When stretched or shrunk, depending on the application, they change the voltage coming from the sensor. That tricks the computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting higher then the factory setting therefore lowering it.

    Q. How will the ride be once lowered?
    A. The lower you go the more stiffer it will feel.

    Q. Will lowering my vehicle improve the handling?
    A. Yes. A lower center of gravity always helps

    Q. Will the raise button inside the vehicle still work?
    A. Yes. Depending how low you go, once lowered the highest setting will be approx. the same height as the lowest setting before the vehicle was lowered.

    Q. Will I need an alignment?
    A. Any time a vehicle is lowered it should be checked. The wheels will Camber in. With my car lowered about 1.25" I have not had it done and notice slight inside ware on the front tires. I personally like a little Camber look so will sacrifice a little tire ware.

    Q. Will the ABC Sport button still work?
    A. Yes. When applied you will still have that extra sporty feel.

    Q. What height do you mostly drive at?
    A. It depends on my mood. I find that there is such a difference between the settings now. Lowest with ABC Sport On feels so sporty yet raised all the way with Sport Off is nice and smooth. Find I use the Raise button a lot more. Before lowering would never use it, was almost like a 4x4 when raised.

    Q. Can this kit be installed with basic mechanical skills?
    A. Yes definitely. All that's needed is a jack, jack stands, couple wrenches and pliers. The Porsche Cayenne can be done without jacking.

    Q. How low can I lower my vehicle with the Links?
    A. Lower then you can possibly drive.

    Q. How will the Lowering Links effect my warranty?
    A. We have all heard stories how dealerships try to deny claims for any reason. Our kits have never caused any issue on any vehicle. If for some strange reason someone did have a problem with their Suspension System we recommend to remove the Links and put the stock 1's back. That's another advantage of our kit. It can be done in 30 min. and there will be no trace of it unlike Electronic Modules with cut wires.

    Q. Where do you ship to?
    A. World wide.

    List price: $507.50
    Price: $434.97
    You save: $72.53 (15%)
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